How can I donate to the ministry of the convent, without purchasing any items?

If you would like to donate, you can contact one of our representatives to confirm the amount and method of payment via email:  or you can click the following link  


Is the cost of delivery(Shipping and Handling) included in the price?

The cost of delivery is not included in the price. Once the details of your order have been confirmed, you will receive a final invoice with the shipping cost in accordance with the fees of the local post office.


What forms of payment do you take? Credit cards? Debit Cards? Paypal?

PayPal is available for all purchases through which both Credit Cards and Debit Cards are accepted.


How do I to place custom orders such as painted icons, vestments and other “to order” items?

First, you can select the item you are interested in. Once the order has been placed, you will be contacted via email regarding the custom order and all the details can be finalized with a live representative.


Will my vestment order be tailored according to size?

Yes, all vestments and vestment related orders are tailored according to size and desired specifications of our customers.


If I cancel my order, can I get a full refund?

If your have ordered one of the custom made items and the workshop has already began working on the order, 50% of the paid amount can be refunded.


How long does it take to send items to the United States?

The shipping period depends on the type of order. Custom order items such as icons and vestments may take longer. Items that are in stock and ready to ship will take 5 days to arrive to the United States from the date of payment and once within the United States, 7-10 days. Please note that delivery time may vary on the region of the country.


How can I track my order?

 Our specialists can keep you up to date on the status of your order and answer any of your questions or concerns.


 What if I am unable to place the order through My Cart?

In the event you are unable to get a confirmation on submit an order, please contact us via Email:, Skype: or Facebook:


Where can I find out more about the ministry and workshops of St. Elisabeth Convent?

You can visit our About Us page:


Do you offer for retail or wholesale discounts?

Please contact us at : for discounts and promotional information.